Community Gardens


Developing a Community Garden

Eglinton Growers from its founding in 2010 has included the concept of developing a community garden in its site. This is Phase 2 of the project. It will require a similar level of investment as Phase 1 which facilitated the allotments. The original plans for the site incorporated a wetland and bog garden. This will make the standing water on the site an asset rather than a nuisance. It should provide a habitat for wildlife and be attractive. So far the community garden is in the concept phase and remains a challenge for future committees.


Community Garden Concept

  • Orchard
  • Picnic/Sitting Areas
  • Wetland/Bog Garden
  • Public Gardens
  • Plant Nursery
  • Meadows
  • Raised Beds
  • Public Art
  • Accessible
  • Community Development

Community garden should be a vibrant and interesting open space which serves the need of the plot holders, partner organisations and the wider community..


This is at Nethermains Community Hall on the 1st Feb  with the architect Eric  and designer Julie to show us the first idea  for the Community garden

community gardens

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