Community Gardens


Developing a Community Garden

Eglinton Growers from its founding in 2010 has included the concept of developing a community garden in its site. This is Phase 2 of the project. It will require a similar level of investment as Phase 1 which facilitated the allotments. The original plans for the site incorporated a wetland and bog garden. This will make the standing water on the site an asset rather than a nuisance. It should provide a habitat for wildlife and be attractive. So far the community garden is in the concept phase and remains a challenge for future committees.


Community Garden Concept

  • Orchard
  • Picnic/Sitting Areas
  • Wetland/Bog Garden
  • Public Gardens
  • Plant Nursery
  • Meadows
  • Raised Beds
  • Public Art
  • Accessible
  • Community Development

Community garden should be a vibrant and interesting open space which serves the need of the plot holders, partner organisations and the wider community..